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Be Stronger, Better and Wiser

You will come out stronger if you faced the worst"

[ Life's A battlefield ]
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As you have seen my profiles and my icons and my journal, I am a big Yuuhi fan :D I love her Ruldoph . If you are a Yuuhi fan, feel free to add me, I love more fan friends xD

I love
- Adventures (would like to try skydiving)
- Musicals (especially Takarazuka)
- Orchestral music
- Beach, the sand and the sea
- Paranormal and unusual stuff
- my close friends (thank you for accepting me for who I am,love you to bits!)
- Dogs and Ferrets
- Exploring new IT technologies and exploiting IT xD (as if I could, always reading :3)
- Military stuff, especially planes

I know most of the above activities are boyish but its too boring around here >>;;

Please note that most of my Yuuhi posts (information, pics) are friends only :)