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Be Stronger, Better and Wiser
You will come out stronger if you faced the worst"
Can't resist putting this about Yuuhi

I think her name might mean [Embarking Upon The Heaven or Embarking Upon the Sky] in Cosmos Troupe. A really beautiful name and troupe link ^__^

Ok you can ignore me now

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This journal is not dead, its under friends lock.  Please comment to be added :D . If you love Takarazuka, please feel free to comment xD , more Zuka fans and friends would be awesome

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I know this is one week late <3<3<3<3<3

Just found out Mirio got the Shinko lead for Shin Tsukigumi Elizabeth xDDD *hopes to find more footage of this shinko* yatta!

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Just found out the Gin-chan DVD would be releasing on 12 December 2008 and Scarlet Pimpernel would be releasing its DVD tomorrow. O___O 

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OMG this makes my day xDD , there's a clip on NicoNico which shows MiRio as Jackie, Bill (Thank you! Thank you Thank you!!! *runs around in circles* and probably Gerald (The clip has not finished loading yet) *SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL* AHHHHH

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Found MiRio Gerald Pics on Takarazuka Precious! ^___^


Bill, Gerald and Jackie

Line up


MiRio Jackie

# 1

From Sanspo:



Bounce Bounce. Sorry for writing about this Tsuki baby lately. Need to love more babies!

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Takarazuka is certainly a world of dreams, now I remembered I love Takarazuka so much. Was watching this Me and My Girl Parade on YouTube and the parade was full of very happy songs.... it was so addicted to it. The magic is, my worries and unhappiness seems to blank far away after watching the clips for several times. My mind is now totally blank and I can concentrate on work even more now and is happier now. Thank you Zuka! Thank you!

Our Baby MiRio still have that otokoyaku-ish smile. Jackie > Gerald > Bill , girl! You do have a lot of potential! Just keep it up, all right? Kudos to the person for uploading this clip ^_________^

1大空 祐飛
2柚希 礼音
3明日海 りお
4安蘭 けい
5遠野 あすか
6朝夏 まなと
6華月 由舞
6嶺乃 一真
6浦輝 ひろと
6初輝 よしや
6湖々 マリア
6芽吹 幸奈
6彩城 レア
6遼 かぐら
6煌雅 あさひ
6梅咲 衣舞
6冴月 瑠那
6瀬戸 かずや
6夏城 らんか
20真飛 聖
21未涼 亜希
22瀬奈 じゅん
22霧矢 大夢
22瑞羽 奏都
22朝凪 麻名
22貴千 碧
22紫門 ゆりや
22白雪 さち花
22麗 百愛
22咲希 あかね
22有瀬 そう

End of a Long Spring Clip on TudouCollapse )

*___* after so many months of only having the screenshot of Yuuhi and her Jeep *__*Collapse )

Found it dang it!!!Collapse )

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>> I am such a late bloomer.... I didn't notice Yuuhi and Mirio were in the same show in Paris no Sora >_< ,

How Yuuhi and MiRio are alike in ways xD (own speculation)Collapse )

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Trip (non Zuka Related)Collapse )

- I certainly love tsuki baby Rio! They only show a bit of her and Jackie (standing together). I saw this senshuuraku clip of Kiriyan's Me and My Girl and love it to bits and pieces :D. The scene of Gerald and Jackie doing some slapping offstage in any Me and My Girl always made me chuckle. Masao is very cute as Jackie xDDD and Kiriyan, I have to say, there's something different about this version. In this clip, i love the finale best with Bill and Sally hugging each other like their lives depending on it. So sweet!! Kyaaaaa! *coughs into fist* <3 Made me melt inside.

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There's a nice Touko x Asuka video up on Nico Nico. The video was so sweet! The music fits the video totally and it rocked. Red and Black , Scarlet Pimpernel are now on my wishlist along with Hayz code and Mind Traveller. I am a closet Touko fan, a growing Un-chan fan and a big Yuuhi fan xDDD *runs off*
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